How to Understand the Football Betting Odds

The football betting odds are used as a factor in choosing which team to place your bets on. This is actually where the fun starts because there will be a great deal of uncertainty as to which team will win based on these odds. This uncertainty could mean a great chance for you to land on the winning side if you do your homework well. You may be wondering, though, how should one go about studying the football betting odds so that they can determine which team to bet on.

The football betting odds are calculated in a different way depending on the type of bet that you would be placing. There are three basic formats of American football betting odds. These include: moneyline odds, fractional chances and decimals. All of these odds have no bearing on whether or not you will end up getting a win when it comes down to it. A winning opportunity of such an event could still be turned against you and placed at a disadvantageous spot if you do not do your homework well.

The moneyline odds are the most straightforward of the three odds. It states that you will win based on the total amount of points that were put up for a wager. In other words, this means that if the total number of points that was put up was fifty, you would still stand a good chance of winning fifty percent of your wagers. When you look at the money line, the problem with it is that you are dealing with a very small number of chances. In essence, there are only a couple of outcomes that could happen. If the person who places the wager wins, he would be paid by the bookie, but this is about as far as the limit goes.

Fractional odds are probably the most commonly used odds in football betting. In them, the bets are spread out over a smaller number of outcomes. These include single games, double games, triple games, etc. For instance, if someone were to place a bet on a team and the game was scheduled for the afternoon kick off, and the game ended up being played early in the afternoon, he would still have a good chance of winning his bet. However, these types of bets will have smaller payouts than the games that are played on a Saturday or Sunday.

Half-game spreads are slightly different from the normal spreads in that they have the home team and the away team listed. This means that a win by the home team would be worth ten points and a win by the away team would be worth fifteen points. While these types of odds can often work in favor of the underdogs, it can also work against them as well.

One way to counteract the difficulty of these odds would be to bet using the fractional odds. Fractional odds are based on smaller bets that are spread out over a smaller number of outcomes. A bettor could easily lose a lot of money if he were to place his bet on a game where the underdogs were carrying an enormous lead, but using the fractional odds he may still come out ahead.